Adventurous oud musk


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Adventurous oud musk is a fragrance that contrasts the delicacy of the rose with the animality of the oud
Its woody smell is rich in nuances, ranging from sweet to earthy . As a top note, the lemon and tangerine accorded to jasmine and vanilla, bring a veil of freshness to the fragrance. An explosion of floral notes that represents grace. It is everlasting fragrance & a unique fragrant experience.

Adventurous oud musk fragrance not only is everlasting fragrance it is the verbal embodiment of the love and care we put into our fragrances .

Never use fragrance oils directly on your skin; they must be diluted in a product or solvent first.
Please Note:  Due to the fact that our fragrances are 100% concentrated, a little goes a long way. 



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