Natural Ringworm and Psoriasis Soap & Cream


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Natural Ringworm and Psoriasis Soap & Cream is packed with organic ingredients that can soothe your symptoms and help clear your skin with continuous use.

Our combo pack can tackle ringworm psoriasis and eczema problem areas the natural way, providing relief from itching and reducing inflammation.soap works by soothing and moisturising the skin as well as stimulating cell repair and regeneration.

This natural treatment contains a blend of 24  Ayurvedic herbs that form a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial cream and soap, helping to alleviate discomfort and prevent the recurrence of symptoms.

The ingredients include aloe Vera, which helps restore the skin’s natural moisture balance, calendula , is anti-microbial and chamomile, which help speed the healing of wounds.

Made from 100% natural, organic ingredients.

 This treatment Soap does not contain any artificial colours, perfumes, parabens or petroleum, which can irritate sensitive skin.



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