Natural Hair Removal - Hirsutism


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Natural and Organic solution for unwanted hair. Our Natural Hair remover is Ayurvedic Remedies to Remove Unwanted facial Hair or any part of the body

Developed to both remove hair and inhibit regrowth over time, the hair removal
works by discouraging hair growth and minimizing the appearance of hair. Fortified with natural herb extracts to gently and effectively reduce hair re-growth

This powerful combo blend of herbal powder and oil have been formulated to slowly remove hair growth on the face caused by Hirsutism.
Our natural hair remover is a better alternative to waxing , tweezing and shaving which will grow back thicker or even worst with ingrown hair!

All essential oils and herbs in this blend have been proven to help stop unwanted hair naturally and safely without any harmful side effects.

Our Natural hair removal combo is formulated with  natural extracts and essential oils that works in harmony of the skin to stop facial hair as well as protect the skin from bumps and ingrown hairs caused by shaving with razors

✔ Hair Reducing Fade Oil
✔ Hair inhibitor, Hair Removal
✔ Hair inhibitor, Hair Removal
✔ No artificial colors
✔ Paraben free
✔ Silicon free
✔ 100% natural and organic
✔ Suitable for sensitive skin
✔Soothes and relieves bumps caused from shaving
✔Suitable for people with Acne
✔Suitable to soften and condition facial hair

Our Unique Blend of Natural Ingredients have been Specifically Chosen for their Soothing, Nourishing and protective Properties

Direction of use
Our hair removing powder removes even smallest hair from roots. it removes hair safely and gently.
Application: Mix our natural removal powder with water to make a paste and apply on desired area for maximum 6-10 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth upward with firm hands , then rinse the properly to get rid of the paste .
Finally, Apply our natural hair remover oil.



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